Cloud Computing

We have all heard of Cloud Computing, but what does it mean to you?

Cloud Computing is a way of delivering IT services without having to buy the IT infrastructure.

You don’t need servers, or even a desktop PC. Most businesses use a hybrid model, with some applications running on their local servers and some in the Cloud.

There can be very significant cost saving using Cloud services, especially for SMB’s. Here are a few examples of Cloud services:

Email: I’m sure you have heard of Gmail and Hotmail; well you can also get business class Cloud Email from Microsoft and others.

Databases: Having your database in the Cloud gives you the flexibility to work from any location and no costs for maintenance or upgrades.

Data Storage: Storing your files in the Cloud is safe and easy in most cases, although it doesn’t suit all businesses.

Almost every type of application can run in the Cloud, and this will increase with the roll out of the National Board Band network over the next few years.