Q? How does the free test drive work?
A. We will support your business for a week free of charge, so you can get to know how good our service is. There are some restrictions like we won’t deploy or rebuild any hard or software as this can cause problems on a network we don’t have an in-depth knowledge of.

Q? What are the response times?
A. Your response times are based on the level of your chosen SLA. However as an example, phone calls to our service desk are answered on average in less than 30 seconds.

Q? What’s classed as infrastructure?
A. Everything that goes into making up your computer network environment is classed as Infrastructure. Servers, Routers, Switches, Workstations, Laptops, Back-Up devices, UPS and Firewalls. Together with all the standard applications such as Microsoft Office, Exchange anti-virus and backup software.

Q? Can you help us to better utilise our IT?
A. Yes, with years of experience in managing IT systems we know best practice and will guide you to gaining maximum benefit from your IT systems.

Q? Can you provide references?
A. Yes, We have loads of happy clients please give us a call and will provide you a reference specific to your industry.

Q? Can we purchase hardware and software from you?
A. Yes, our procurement department can provide advice and assistance on purchases. We are direct partners with all the major vendors including HP, IBM, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix to name a few.

Q? What happens if we increase or decrease the number of devices?

A. We increase or decrease the costs. Each month we automatically recalculate what’s being supported through our management software and adjust the pricing accordingly, so you are never paying for something you don’t need.

Q? How do you calculate my costs for your SLA?
A. The costs are based on the devices (Servers, Workstations) that make up your network.

Q? What’s the customer satisfaction survey?
A. Once a year we conduct a survey of all the clients and look for ways to improve service to your business.

Q? What reporting do you provide?
A. You will receive a report on all work performed during the month, together with a report on any discovered or potential issues, and the performance of your IT systems.

Q? You assign an IT manager, what do they do?
A. Your IT Manager will provide assistance in strategic direction and research technology, and work with you to enhance your IT investment. They are also responsible for service delivery and will meet with you regularly to review the reports provided and discuss any issue or requirements you may have.

Q? What is the Service Level Guarantee?
A. The Service Level Guarantee ensures that you receive the response times you have selected. If Dealer IT in unable to deliver to a stated response time in your SLA, you will receive 100% discount on the next month’s service.

Q? Do we get the same engineers each time?
A. Yes, we assign two engineers and IT manager per client to ensure consistency and a complete understanding of your network infrastructure.

Q? How long do I have to sign up for?
A. Month by Month if you like, however once you’re comfortable with our services, you can give yourself a discount by committing to a 12, 24 or 36 month contract term.

Q? Can I purchase support by the hour or in blocks of time?
A. Yes it’s a good way to try out our services before committing to a SLA

Q? What’s not included in an SLA?
A. The cost of hardware or software purchases and implementation of new technologies or equipment

Q? What is covered by your Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
A. The SLA covers the maintenance, management and support of your entire IT infrastructure. We are your IT Department and we are responsible to keep everything IT related operating and maintained to manufacturers specifications and industry best practice. We are also responsible to assist your personnel with any IT related query or issue, and to provide strategic direction on ways and means to improve your IT equation in line with your business objectives.