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Dealer IT

Dealer IT is a specialised service built specifically for the automotive industry across Australia. The reason why we can provide this service better than any other IT company in Australia is because our IT Technicians have extensive experience in all of major DMS systems by either previously working directly with companies such as Pentana Solutions, Auto IT, Titan DMS and many others or have worked in dealerships previously.

With limited Automotive experienced IT providers that understand your business needs and even less IT companies to supply alternative support in the market, finding an accurate and well thought solution give a business limited options to choose from. We are so confident that we can exceed your IT needs that we back our support with a one week trial free of charge, so you get try before you buy.

Not only can we manage your IT systems but we understand how the automotive industry operate on a daily basis. We service all needs from managing and installing new computers right through to managing your networks across multiple sites.

We don’t sell the software we make sure it works with all your other systems.

What makes us different? Well, with the amount of IT companies out there today, we truly believe that customer service is most important to the running of your business. We are there every step of the way and all our services are justified and explained to our customers, not only this, but we always go the extra mile to keep our customers happy, that is why we back this up with the complimentary services for our new customers. We can help you cut costs to your business so you never have to pay those unwanted or unnecessary bills. We can assess your current infrastructure and make the changes as needed to get your system working at optimum with minimal downtime which is most important.